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Children dentistry
  • Mar 28, 2019

#7 Tips to Help Your Children Develop Healthy Teeth and Gums

Children easily pick up habits that they are exposed to. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to expose them to healthy dental habits to ensure that they have a strong foundation in oral health. Paediatric dentistry experts at the prestigious King’s College in London are of the opinion that if you play your part carefully, your children are likely to suffer less from oral health issues during their lifetime.

Tips to ensure sound oral health of your kids

  • Be their role model: Wimbledon Dentist is a reliable and renowned oral health practice located at Abbey Parade on Merton High Street. The practice is also a Diamond Member of Dentists Near Me, which speaks about the high credibility it has been awarded. Dr Roozbeh D Vaziri – the principal dentist at Wimbledon Dentist – says you’ve to play the role model for your child to encourage them to pick the right dental habits as early as possible. Brush and floss with them every day rather than sending them to the bathroom on their own.
  • Provide demonstration: An oral healthcare professional associated with a reputed children dental clinic in Wimbledon suggests to provide the kids with practical demonstrations. Show them how to use the right amount of toothpaste and how to spit it out after brushing rather than swallowing it.
  • Take them for routine dental appointments: The ideal time to take a kid for her/his first dental appointment is within 6 months from the first tooth eruption. Thereafter, it’s a single visit every two years.

In case the first tooth is late in coming out, take him or her for the first dental check-up by the time he/she is 1-year old.

  • Let the dialogues flow: It is important that you talk to your child about everything that is going to happen during the visit to the dental practice. Tell them what they should expect during routine oral health check-ups. Discuss your concerns with the dentist and seek his/her guidance over issues like crowding, thumb sucking, mouth guards and others.  
  • Expose your children to a healthy diet:  The paedeatric dentist at the Wimbledon dental centre suggests parents to cut down on sugary foods and drinks for their children. Rather, they must get exposed to a balanced diet including fresh fruits, green, leafy vegetables and sufficient quantity of dairy products.
  • Avoid sharing germs: Don’t share bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups and such other items with your kids. This way, you pass on the bacteria from your mouth to theirs.
  • Teach them proper brushing: Proper brushing is a great way to keep the teeth and the gums healthy. Teach them to cover all the three surfaces of the teeth while brushing to remove the plaque build-up.

Children dentistry in Wimbledon has hit new heights thanks to the dedicated effort of the paedatric dentists mentioned in this blogpost. Follow these tips and help your children build a strong foundation for their dental health.