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Fillings in Wimbledon

Dental fillings restore your decayed or damaged teeth to their normal function and prevent tooth decay. Your dentist will take into consideration several factors when choosing the right kind of filling material for you. These factors decide the extent of repair to be made, where the filling is needed in your mouth and the cost involved in the treatment.

Different kinds of dental fillings

  • Gold fillings - They are prepared in the laboratory and cemented into the place. They can deal with gum tissues easily and are meant to last for several years to a lifetime. This is why gold is believed to be the best filling material for your need. However, it is quite expensive and requires several visits to your dentist’s clinic.

  • Silver or amalgam fillings - These are comparatively low-priced and highly resistant to wear and tear. However, they can be seen easily than composite or porcelain restorations due to their dark color. They are usually not used in the visible areas like the front teeth.

  • Composite resins - Also, known as plastic resins, they are matched with the color of your teeth and used where natural look is needed. The ingredients are placed directly into tooth cavity where they become hard. Composites are not a suitable option for large fillings as they may wear or chip over time. They can cause stains due to tea, coffee or tobacco and do not last for many years.

  • Porcelain fillings - These fillings are also called inlays or onlays that are made in a lab and then bonded to the tooth. They are matched with the natural color of your tooth and help in getting rid of stains. If there is fracture or decay on a large part of the tooth, you may be advised to wear a crown or cap. If the decay has reached the nerve, then it may be treated by two ways - root canal therapy or pulp capping.

How to know if you need a filling

Your dentist is the only person to decide if you have a cavity that need to be filled. He will check the surface of the tooth carefully during checkup and if there is anything unusual, he will evaluate it by using special instruments. He may even perform X-rays of your entire mouth or certain parts, according to the need. The kind of treatment he chooses will depend on the extent of damage occurred due to decay.

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