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Fixed Braces Treatment in Wimbledon

Orthodontics shifts teeth to the proper position using fixed appliances

Fixed appliances, also called braces are an important part of treatment for orthodontic patients. They are made of a metal alloy and provide a comprehensive realignment treatment. These appliances are attached to the teeth by special cement or metal bands and are not taken off until the treatment is complete.

Metal braces

These are traditional fixed appliances made of top quality stainless steel. They have metal bands that wrap around the molars and small metal brackets are cemented at the front surface of other teeth. There is a thin and elastic wires that runs in between the brackets and shifts the teeth gently to its actual position. This arch wire might be fixed to the brackets with metal ties, flexible elastics, or other clasps.

There are several reasons why metal braces have gained immense popularity. They provide an effective and reasonable treatment option. When compared to earlier appliances, braces nowadays are actually smaller, lighter, and comfortable to wear. If you want to have a less traditional look, try to choose colorful elastics for the brackets or other modifications.

Ceramic braces

These braces are actually a new variation that offers less noticeable treatment procedure. Our orthodontists in Wimbledon use similar components to traditional braces, except that the brackets on the front side of the teeth are made of a clear ceramic material that adjusts with natural colour of tooth.

There are many types of ceramic braces and the technology is improving at a rapid pace. Their aesthetic appeal is simply undeniable however, there are a few trade-offs. These brackets may not last longer than their metal counterparts and while the brackets don't stain, the elastic bands that get attached to the arch-wire do.

FAQs on fixed appliances

Can you remove the appliances?

The fixed braces you are wearing are fixed to your teeth during the treatment. It is advised not to remove it as you may cause damage to the teeth and the treatment might not work.

Can you eat your food normally?

Yes, it is possible to eat normally. However, it is important to take care of your braces and teeth so that the treatment works properly. To avoid any kind of damage, you should:

  • Avoid eating sweets, chocolate bars and sugary chewing gums.

  • Avoid drinking fizzy and excessive fruit juice.

  • Do not eat hard foods that can damage the braces like crunchy apples, crusty bread, etc.

What should you do if the braces break?

You need to call our orthodontist in Wimbledon immediately in case the braces are broken. It is suggested not to wait for the next appointment as the breakage might slow down the treatment procedure or damage the teeth. However, if you break the braces several times, the treatment may be stopped.

Is the treatment painful?

It is possible to remain painful for at least 3-5 days every time the brace gets adjusted. If necessary, you may take painkillers to get rid of the discomfort and uneasiness.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment usually requires 12 – 24 months; however this will vary depending on the severity of the case. In case there are failed appointments or braces may get broken repeatedly, this will add to the overall treatment time.

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