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Knocked Out Teeth in Wimbledon

If you have a knocked out tooth, the blood vessels, nerves and supporting tissues get damaged. This is why you need to perform root canal treatment in such a situation. However, the bone may reattach to the tooth root after it is positioned back, in some cases. The chances of saving a tooth is the highest in case of children, however adult teeth can be saved too. The permanent teeth are the ones that should be re-implanted.

How to improve the chance of saving a tooth

  • Handle your tooth very carefully and do not touch the root as it may get damaged easily.

  • If the tooth is dirty, try to hold it by the upper, normally visible part, and rinse it with milk or water. Do not use a cloth or other fabric to wipe it off as this may cause damage to the tooth.

  • Keep the tooth moist by putting it in a glass of milk. If you cannot do so, place the tooth inside your mouth between the cheek and gum.

  • Try slipping the tooth back into the socket. There are several cases when it will slip right in. Make sure it is facing in the right way and you do not force it into the socket. In case it does not go back into its place easily, then store it in milk or water till you see a dentist.

  • If the tooth remains intact, it is a good idea to try to save it.

What your dentist will do if you are having knocked out tooth

It can be quite simple to put the tooth back in its place. However, it can also be complicated when the bone or tooth has been broken. Your dentist will use water to clean the debris from the socket and then slip the tooth back to its place. It is necessary to re-implant the tooth quickly which should take place within an hour after the accident.

The dentist may ask you to perform a root canal therapy immediately or wait for some time. The right action will depend on how long the tooth had been out of the mouth and other such factors.

Your dentist should check the condition of your tooth again after three to six months. If there aren’t any signs of infection, you need to go for the next visit only during yearly checkup.

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