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white fillings


White Fillings in Wimbledon

Restore your damaged teeth with dental fillings

White fillings are dental fillings that enable you to restore cavities with a natural appearance of the tooth. Other than restoring your decayed or fractured teeth, they can be used to change the shape, size and color of the teeth. It can also help in filling the gaps in between the teeth, repaired cracked or chipped teeth and making your teeth look straighter.

Benefits of white fillings

  • Match with the natural colour and appearance of tooth

  • Suitable choice for the front teeth that will appear unattractive with metal fillings

  • Repair is possible in case they may get damaged

  • Tooth sensitivity is minimal due to the use of composite resin

  • Bond together with the tooth structure and do not require placing pins, slots or grooves to retain them

Frequently asked questions on white fillings

Why should you go for white fillings?

Most people have composite fillings of one type or another in the mouth. As fillings give you natural look and feel, so many people do not want to consider silver fillings that become visible when they laugh.

Are white fillings costly?

The cost will depend on the dentist from whom you want to perform the treatment. This usually varies on the type and size of filling used and the time it requires for completing the treatment. Our dental practitioner in Wimbledon can give you an idea of the cost before you decide to go for the treatment.

Are white fillings equally good like silver amalgam fillings?

White fillings are always been less lasting when compared to silver amalgam fillings. However, there are new materials available that can be compared to silver amalgam and these have become quite successful. The life of white fillings depends mainly on where it is placed inside your mouth and how your teeth come together at the time of biting and chewing. Your dentist can tell you how long fillings should last.

Should you replace amalgam fillings with white ones?

It is a good decision to change fillings when your dentist suggests that the old filling needs to be replaced. You may ask to get it replaced in tooth-coloured material.

Some dentists may not want to put white fillings at the back teeth, as they are not always successful in the long run. In this case, you may use inlays or crowns, but this might mean extracting more teeth that can be expensive too.

What are tooth-coloured fillings made of?

They are usually made of synthetic resin, glass particles and setting ingredient. Your dentist can give you detailed information on the kind of material being used.

Where can you perform white fillings?

White fillings can be performed in almost all dental practices in Wimbledon, London as a normal part of the treatment given to you.

Are there other alternatives to white fillings?

‘Adhesive dentistry' is about bonding the filling to your tooth. The dentist will need to remove less of the tooth and this is obviously much better.

Other alternatives include

inlays and crowns though they might cost you more. Veneers can be used on the front teeth in place of fillings or crowns.

Worried about your damaged teeth?

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