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Orthocaps Aligners in Wimbledon

Our practitioner will restore your beautiful smile with orthocaps aligners

Your beautiful smile speaks a lot about you. Whether you are a child, an adolescent or an adult, braces are now worn by almost everyone who wants to go for teeth straightening treatment. The twin aligners used in the procedure have a series of clear aligners that are tailored to meet the specifications of every patient. After placing orthocaps aligners, your teeth will adjust to their exact position. These plastic aligners need to be replaced after every three weeks in order to improve the efficiency of teeth alignment procedure.

Orthocaps aligners treatment

At the initial stage, the dentist in Wimbledon takes oral impressions that will act as adjustment model for the clear aligners. The twin aligners are made at each step only for you during the treatment.

In traditional tooth alignment, high force is applied on each tooth in the jaw which can lead to severe pain and discomfort at the initial stage. The tooth straightening of Orthocaps Twin Aligner® will depend on the force and less pressure is given on the tooth that provides pain-free tooth alignment.

However, for fixed metallic devices, Orthocaps aligners might require more or less time to have desired effect depending on the teeth position.The treatment with these aligners usually lasts between 6-24 months. Your practitioner will tell you about the treatment time to make things comfortable for you.

Benefits of orthocaps aligners

  • They are comfortable

  • Greater confidence level

  • Customised treatment plan

  • They require less time to work

  • Ensure increased safety

FAQs on orthocaps aligners

Can orthocaps aligners be used for tooth alignment in adults?

Tooth alignment with orthocaps aligners have particularly been made for oral care and treatment of adults. Orthocaps actually provide great results to adult patients.

Are orthocaps invisible braces the right option for you?

Several patients with orthodontic problems have already attained effective treatment results with orthocaps aligners. They are suitable for correcting the position of the teeth. You need to talk to the practitioner in Wimbledon and find out if these braces are the right solution for you by performing self test.

Whom should you contact to straighten teeth with orthocaps system?

You need to search for an orthocaps practitioner in your area who can help in teeth straightening.

Does the treatment with orthocaps aligners work for all patients?

Orthocaps aligners have made it easy to achieve quality treatment results in innumerable patients with different orthodontic problems. These aligners are suitable for correcting the mal positioned teeth. Nearly 80 to 90% of mal positioned teeth can be treated easily with orthocaps. This is applicable in case of tooth alignment for teenagers and adults.

What types of cases are treated with orthocaps?

Different kinds of tooth misalignments have been treated with orthocaps aligners successfully. For example over bite, deep bite, impacted teeth, over-closure, class 2 malocclusion, crowding and overlap. Orthocaps are usually used for treating wrongly positioned teeth and irregular upper as well as lower jaws.

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