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Night Guards in Wimbledon

Night guards, also called bite guard or dental mouth guard, is an appliance for patients who want to treat teeth grinding. They protect your teeth and other structures with a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. If you need to wear a night guard for teeth grinding, it is advised to choose a customised one and get it fitted from the professionals who prepare at a dental office or laboratory.

How night guards work

Whether you had like to show your natural teeth while smiling or have improved your teeth in some way or the other, a night guard is considered to be a great solution for protecting your teeth. This device is a common form of treatment for teeth grinding or bruxism. Also called occlusal splint, night guards usually cover either one or both rows of the teeth, depending on your exact need.

Usually, a night guard should be worn on one teeth arch only and not on the both. The right kind of night guard is custom fitted that lessens teeth grinding and clenching at night. It is generally worn at night and also during the day, at times to protect your teeth from any kind of probable damage due to clenching or grinding. The effects of medications, irregular biting, stimulants, stress or other problems might be the major cause behind them. Thus, a night guard will considerably lessen the effects of clenching and grinding by forming a barrier between the chewing surfaces of the teeth thus, preventing direct tooth from contact.

How to fit and clean night guards

  • Brush and floss teeth properly before inserting the night guard. This will prevent the attack of bacteria and plaque from being trapped underneath it.

  • If the night guard is of thermaflex type, try to test it under warm water and soften it before insertion. Do not insert it in cold state as it might break down.

  • Brush night guard with cold water after you wake up in the morning

  • Do not let the night guard to dry out and try to keep it moist all the time

  • Soak night guard in mouth wash to keep it fresh while inserting it at night

  • If the appliance is broken or chipped, you may have to change it with a new one.

  • Bring the night guard in case you need to do some dental work that might change the fitting of the appliance.

  • Take your night guard during appointments to check the bite and fit for your need.

Your night guard will wear away depending on the grinding and clenching habits however, they may even last for several years.

Do you want to prevent teeth clenching or grinding?

with our dentists to wear night guard and overcome these problems!

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