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Dentures in Wimbledon

If you have missing teeth, dentures are a good option for replacing them. They can be taken out and put back inside your mouth at any time. Though dentures require some time to get used to them, you will not feel the same like having natural teeth. However, today’s dentures not only look natural but are more comfortable than before.

There are two kinds of dentures and these include – full and partial. Your dentist will select the right kind of denture, based on whether you need to replace some or all of the teeth along with the cost involved with the procedure.

How dentures work?

In case of full dentures, an acrylic base of flesh-color will fit properly over the gums. The base of upper denture covers the palate or the roof of mouth while lower denture has the shape of horseshoe that will adjust with your tongue.

Dentures are custom-made in a laboratory where impressions of your mouth will be taken carefully. Your dentist will find out which of the three kinds of dentures will be suitable for you:

Conventional Full Denture

This is placed in the mouth after tissues get healed and left over teeth are being removed.

Immediate Full Denture

It is inserted just after your remaining teeth are removed. They provide the benefit of never having to be without teeth and should be relined several months after insertion.

Partial Denture

It rests on metal framework that fixes with natural teeth. Sometimes crowns are placed on your natural teeth and act as an anchor for denture.

Tips to take care of dentures

  • As dentures are delicate, they may break if dropped. Make sure you take a soft towel or stand in front of a basin.

  • Do not let the dentures dry out. Place them in water or soaking solution when you are not wearing them.

  • Brush dentures regularly to get rid of small food particles, plaque and prevent from getting stained.

  • Brush your tongue and palate every morning using a soft-bristled brush before inserting the dentures.

  • Visit your dentist when the dentures break, crack, chip or become loose. Do not try to adjust them on your own as this can cause damage beyond repair.

  • On visiting the dentist for the second time, inlay or onlay will be cemented into their place and then blended with your tooth to provide natural appearance. A dental resin is used for securing inlay/onlay as you may not see any bonding as the tooth will appear uniform.

When you need to see your dentist

If you wear dentures, it is advised to visit your dentist regularly and detect any problem that may arise. Your dentures should last for many years by taking proper care. However, your jawbone and gums will begin to shrink ultimately, which means dentures might not fit properly as they used to be and can get loose or become worn.

You need to visit your dentist if:

  • dentures click while you talk

  • dentures do not fit properly or tend to slip away

  • dentures make you feel uncomfortable

  • dentures can be seen easily

  • there are signs of tooth decay or gum disease such as bad breath or bleeding gums

If dentures cannot be replaced or are not fitted properly, this may lead great discomfort and pain in your mouth. You might even suffer from some infections, mouth sores or problems at the time of eating and talking.

Are you suffering from missing teeth problem?

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