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Anti Snore in Wimbledon

If you have the habit of heavy snoring, then this can be a major problem for you and your family. It prevents you andothers around you from getting proper sleep and creating a sleep debt which is dangerous as well as unhealthy.

If you are suffering from sleep apnoea and snoring difficulties, you may contact our dentists at Wimbledon Dentist. Your doctor may suggest using an oral device to prevent the problem of heavy snoring and sleep aponea. If you have completed your sleep study test, it is suggested to bring the results to your next appointment. Our experts are well equipped infitting anti-snoring or sleep apnoea devices that will suit your exact requirement.

About anti snoring devices


Snoring is defined as an auditory phenomenon that occurs due to vibration of soft palate of uneven intensity. This occurs due to turbulence inside the airway during inspiration for partial blockage of airway passage.

Snoring is commonly found in men above the age of 60. One of the reasons behind it is that the deposit of fat in men are usually found occur in the upper body, mainly the neck. It has also been estimated that many women above 60 years suffer from snoring problem and most of them are unaware about it.

Mild orirregular snoring can be decreased by changing your lifestyle. This may include – losing extra fat, heavy meals, regular exercise, medicationand avoid taking alcohol before going to bedtime that can makeyou feel drowsy.

Whilst snoring does not cause any harm to you or your partner, it may develop into a symptom of serious condition called obstructive sleep apnoea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or OSA is a common kind of sleep apnoea that occurs when something blocks the upper airway while your eyes are closed. It canprevent air from enteringthe lungs of patients, due to obstruction. Thus, the patient stops breathing for a certain time. The obstruction occurs due to lack of muscle tone within the upper respiratory tract which makes it narrow. Patients who suffer from OSA will wake up at night with a noisy snore or sudden gasp of breath to obtain air. The patients who suffer from undiagnosed OSA might become lethargic at the daytime that may cause danger in their routine tasks like driving.

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