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White versus Metal Fillings
  • Apr 18, 2019

White Fillings Versus Metal Fillings for Your Need

You will find two kinds of fillings for the teeth and these are – resin fillings that are white or have the colour of your natural tooth and metal fillings. There arises a question, “Which one is better?” None of them is the right choice for dental patients. You may visit a reputed dental clinic in Wimbledon to find out more about the most suitable option for your case. Go through this blog to know more about the pros and cons of these two types.so that you can make the most informed decision.

Advantages of tooth-colored fillings

Nowadays, people want to choose white composite fillings as it has several benefits.

  • There is no health risk associated with these fillings.
  • They can be matched with the colour to ensure that they blend properly with the teeth that surround them.
  • Patients usually find less discomfort after the procedure with these fillings.
  • Less teeth sensitivity can be reported with these fillings in comparison with the silver ones.

Disadvantages of tooth-colored or white fillings

  • They are usually more costly when compared to the silver options.  However, in some cases, they are more expensive. 
  • You need to have more skills for these white fillings and it requires more time to fix an appointment with your dentist in Wimbledon. 
  • Tea, coffee and tobacco can cause stains to filling materials over time.
  • They are not very strong on the back teeth.
  • They do not react to teeth-whitening products.

Advantages of silver fillings

  • The treatment requires less time that causes less discomfort and reduces the overall cost.
  • They are strong and can withstand heavy biting pressure of your back teeth.
  • Advanced tools or techniques are not needed for these silver fillings.
  • Patients are now confident that they do not have any long-term safety risks.

If you are looking for a safe, quick and affordable option, then this might be the right option.

Disadvantages of silver options

  • Hot or cold temperatures may lead to an expansion and contraction of fillings over time. This can cause damage to the tooth around the filling and cause long-term issues.
  • Dentists need to remove more of the tooth structure to prepare the tooth for fillings with silver material against resin material.
  • Some patients experience sensitivity due to hot and cold foods/beverages for a period after the filling is placed in their tooth.
  • All dentists near me in Wimbledon do not use these materials and it can be noticed easily. This is an indication that the dental work has been performed successfully.
  • Silver fillings have some traces of mercury. Though they are considered to be a safe option, patients might worry about this potentially toxic metal.

Patients do not care about the hidden teeth at the back of the mouth how fillings will look but the appearance can be a big issue for your front teeth. By taking proper dental care, you will come across various kinds of fillings that enable you to choose the right filing for your need.