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Removable Orthodontics in Wimbledon

Orthodontists correct oral problems to improve your appearance!

Removable appliances are made of plastic plate with wires. They hold the teeth to keep the braces in their actual place. These appliances have a limited usage since they can move single teeth and widen either upper or lower arches. As they aren’t precision appliances, they cannot be used for fine or complicated tooth movements.

About removable appliances

i) Intrusion (10-20 gm)

This is the movement of a tooth inwards which can be into the socket or apically.

ii) Extrusion (35-60gm)

This is the reverse of intrusion which is movement of a tooth out of the socket or coronally.

iii) Tipping (35-60gm)

This is the tilting movement of a tooth that means moving an incisor protruding inwards.

iv) Rotation (35-60gm)

v) Root up righting (50-100gm)

This is the rotation of an incisor sideways.

vi) Bodily movement (70-120gm)

It requires hugeforce and movement of entire tooth in one direction without tilting or rotating.

Signs of using removable orthodontic appliances

  • Slight movements in tooth like crown tipping

  • Relative extrusion or intrusion

  • Interceptive and preventive orthodontics like maintain open spacing, or break thumb sucking habits in growing children

  • An adjunct to fixed appliances for expansion or oral traction.

  • Act as retainer for retention purposes with fixed appliances.

Some parts of removable appliances:

1. Active components

  • Springs - These are made of stainless steel wire and used for minor rotations of your front teeth and pushing them together if there had been some gaps in between the teeth.

  • Bows - They are made of stainless steel wire that extends across upper front teeth. They can be used as passive retainers or as active component to pull back upper front teeth.

  • Screws - These are actually incorporated into the acrylic base for expanding jaw in growing children.This is useful in case ofteeth crowding, expansion of either upper or lower jaw that will lead to increased space for adjusting teeth and reducing crowding.

  • Elastics - They are mainly used for reciprocal teeth movements for upper and lower jaws.

2. Retentive component (clasps)

  • It holds appliance inside the mouth and prevents from falling out.

  • Some kinds of clasps include – Adam’s clasp (this is most common), ball-end clasp, Jackson clasp and southend clasp.

3. Baseplate

The acrylic portion will servethese purposes:

  • It provides support to other components such as the clasps and active components

  • It contributes to anchorage through contact with palatal vault.

  • It can be built into bite planes for decreasing deep bites.

Benefits of removable orthodontic appliances

  • They can be removed when brushing teeth

  • The palatal coverage may lead to increased anchorage

  • It is easily adjustable which means the wires can be bentand acrylic base can be trimmed easily.

  • There is lesser risk of damage to the teeth.

  • The acrylic base can be thickened for creating flat bite planes on the upper front teeth or back teeth

  • It can be used as an active appliance and as passive retainers

  • They are used for transmitting forces to different blocks of teeth.

FAQs on removable appliances

How long do you need to wear removable appliances?

The time needed to wear these appliances will vary depending on the treatment. However, you need to wear them throughout the day except when cleaning the braces or playing sports.

Is the treatment painful?

Though removable appliances feel strange in the mouth, they do not cause pain regularly. If the appliance is causing some irritation to your cheeks, tongue or gums, get in touch with our orthodontist in Wimbledon to fix the issue.

What happens if removable appliances break?

If the removable appliances break, you should seek for an emergency appointment immediately. If you delay in seeing your orthodontist, this will increase the overall treatment time.

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