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Oral Surgery in Wimbledon

There are some dental procedures that require specific dental skills and fall into the branch of dentistry known as oral surgery. You will find a wide range of conditions and diseases that are treated with oral surgery.

Common procedures for oral surgery

  • Impacted teeth removal - If teeth don’t come out of gums like they used to be, they may lead to several problems like crowding, diseased tissue or infections. However, this problem can be solved with tooth extraction. Your dentist will assess the condition of your mouth and see if any crowded or misaligned teeth need to be removed for keeping your mouth in good condition.

  • Wisdom teeth removal - Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are commonly removed as many jaws are not big enough to fit properly. If they fail to grow properly, they may cause swelling, shifting of other teeth and infections.

  • Improve fitting of dentures - If you have jaw irregularitiesor do not have the support of dentures, then they may not fit properly. You may consult with your oral surgeon who can help in correcting these imperfections with bone grafts so that the dentures fit properly.

  • Dental implants - Implants are a suitable option for your missing or lost teeth that are placed into the jawbone and match with the natural teeth. You can replace one or more teeth and even all of your teeth with this procedure. Implants are meant to last for a lifetime, if taken proper care.

  • Improper growth of jaws - If the upper or lower jaw doesn’t develop properly, it can be the reason for difficulty in eating, chewing or talking. Oral surgery may create a jaw structure which is more functional and balanced, in severe cases.

  • Cleft palate and cleft lip repair - Cleft palate is a birth defect where certain portions of mouth and nasal cavity do not grow together in the proper way. This may lead to some gap or split in the roof of lips, mouth or both.

  • Facial infections - If you find some infection in your neck, jaws or face, then an oral surgeon can help you to drain infected area and extract the teeth that are causing the infection.

  • Facial injury repair - Oral surgeon may perform a surgery for repairing the broken bones in the face. This ensures that the break may not result due to some damage or infection of your surrounding teeth.

  • Sleep apnea or snoring - If you face sleep apnea or severe snoring and other treatments seem to be ineffective, talk to your oral surgeon who may perform some kind of surgery for correcting these problems.

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